Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is 3D laser-scanning?

That depends on many variables, such as equipment, density of scans / distance between scans, method of stitching scans together, geo-referencing etc. We generally scan at 20-25m intervals (despite the devices having a range of up to 300m) so that we control the accuracy to between +/- 3 to 5mm.

Can you scan through walls and above ceilings?

Generally speaking, no. "Lidar" is a light-based scanning technology which means that unless you can see the object that you want to scan, neither can the device. However there are instances where the laser will detect things that a human cannot and it maybe possible to scan inside ceiling voids, although it becomes harder to stitch scans together. Please note that reflective surfaces such as clean glass, especially mirrors and water can cause disturbance which reduces the quality of the data that we capture.

Can you please start on site yesterday?

We need to allow a few days for pricing and scheduling works. We also often need a mobilisation payment, so please factor these into your programmes, when possible!